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Idemitsu ATF
is the latest technologically advanced automatic transmission fluid suitable for use in all modern AT units. This special formulation enhances smooth & positive shifting under severe working conditions.

Recommended for all modern AT transmission gearbox from Asian auto makers (Especially Japanese cars) to American, Continental and South Korean cars.
Compatible with:
ATF DEXRON II E / 5D06 / 2384K / 3314 / 3317, ATF Fluid D-II / D-III / WS, ATF JWS3317,Alumix Fluid ATF DII / DIII Multi / D3-SP, ATF Type T / T-II / T-III / T-IV, ATF M-III / M-V / FZ , Besco ATF II / III, Dia-Queen: ATF II / ATF AW / ATF-SPII / ATF SPII M / ATF J-2, DEXRO N II-E, DEXRON III / VI / III-G, Diamond ATF SP-IIM / III, MERCON, Ultra ATF / ATF Z1 / ATF DW-1
1. Super long-life automatic transmission fluid.
2. Superior protection against premature wear & tear of moving parts.
3. Excellent protection and performance at high temperatures and high loads.

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